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Service Summary

Our waste management consultancy services fall into two main categories; consultancy support and training in waste minimisation and resource efficiency; and services to enhance compliance with waste legislation.

Waste Minimisation and Resource Efficiency

Waste minimisation or resource efficiency represents a significant opportunity for generating cost savings, as well as enhancing environmental performance. By undertaking waste minimisation audits, extending from process redesign to procurement strategy, Burton Environmental Consulting can identify opportunities for waste elimination, reduction and reuse, highlight cost savings and developing action plans for putting these into effect.  See our case study of waste management in a hospital NHS Trust.

Waste Management Consultancy

A wide range of legislation effects wastes producers, carriers and recipients, and our waste management consultancy focuses on ensuring legislative compliance. 

With expertise in waste legislation, we can provide an environmental consultant to perform a waste Duty of Care audit.  As a waste management consultancy, we have experience in the Packaging Regulations, and can both make your submission and audit your obligation, potentially reducing fees.  We can also provide WEEE consultancy services.  We assist waste producers by installing easy-to-use systems covering compliance with Environmental Permits, Hazardous Waste Regulations and other requirements. 

For waste carriers we can develop systems to meet all legal requirements, having implemented ISO 14001 in both waste carrier businesses and those who carry waste as a non-core function. 

We can assist with the Environmental Permitting process for waste sites, and have implemented ISO 14001 in waste companies.  We have experience with transfer stations, material recycling facilities, waste incinerators and landfill sites. 

Service List

  • Waste Duty of Care audits
  • Packaging Regulations compliance
  • WEEE consultancy
  • Environmental Permitting and ISO 14001 in waste sector
  • Training in legislative compliance
  • Waste classification and characterisation
  • Resource efficiency / waste minimisation audits
  • Resource efficiency / waste minimisation training
  • Site waste management plans
  • Waste management in hospitals

Why Select Burton Enviromental Consulting?

  • Easy to use procedures for compliance.  Clear identification of waste minimisation opportunities
  • For more reasons to use Burton Enviromental Consulting click here

Example Commissions

Holiday Dispersions

Resource Efficiency at dye manufacturer

Joint Research Councils

Waste Minimisation at campus

Acute Hospital NHS Trust

Waste minimisation audit


Waste Duty of Care audit at transfer station

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